Antiphon of the goose

Sister Moon and the stars shone above, while Brother Fire danced his playful dance below. I sat in the glow of both, their light warming both body and soul. Alone.

Time literally flew by while the world wobbled on its axis, Sister Earth spinning and circling Brother Sun. Wood burned, embers grew brighter, and the moon arced its way across the sky.

In the quiet of the crackling fire, a distant sound made its way across the dark sky. It was the sound of a solitary Canadian goose heading north on its return flight home. Its silhouette flew across the sky as its lonely honking echoed through the air. It was the sound of desperation, or so it seemed. A hapless bird, lost from its flock, flying through the night in a frantic attempt to reunite with its winged brethren.

“Honk-honk-honk-honk-honk,” it sang, the lonely dirge of one who has lost its way. In the somber song of evening prayer, the bird mourned.

Dirige, Domine, Deus meus, in conspectu tuo viam meam.

“Direct my way in your sight, O Lord my God.”

I joined the bird in prayer, hoping its antiphon would reunite it with its flock, calling it back home.

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