The red light

Driving along the highway, my eyes lay on the road before me – the cars, the turn signals, and the race to wherever home may be.

“Hey, Dad!” calls the four-year-old voice from the back of the car. “Look at that sunset – it looks just like a red light!”

I turn to my right and see the giant, burning orb crashing into the westward horizon. The sky burns red and orange, an explosion of light before the arrival of dark.

And yes, it does look just like a red light.

As well it should, calling us to stop . . . and bringing us to a halt.


  1. Much the same with a grayer sky and the trip was interupted by the checking of one tire, never flat…….but the sense of security that the balance of the journey was going to be ok was palatable. All eyes averted during thr required shake….

  2. 2 brothers that put their children in siuations to mererly learn, oft without a word, the lesson profound. To this day, I repeat and repeat…….and smile…..Me proud…..Them proud.

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