My children and I were on an evening walk in the neighborhood, their watchful eyes taking in all there was to see – basketball nets in driveways, a bunny rabbit or groundhog scurrying across a lawn, kids playing street hockey.

A few blocks from home, we turned south onto a dead-end street that leads toward a wooded park. A few houses before we were to arrive at the park entrance, a humming toward our right caught my attention. It came from an open garage.

As we walked by the garage, I could see the shadowy silhouette of a man and his treadmill. In the dark, he walked toward us, getting no closer with each passing step.

We continued on toward the trees. The man in his garage continued on as well. How far he went I do not know. Miles perhaps.

As we entered the woods, the humming faded away. Tis a wonder how much energy man will exert to travel so far and yet discover so little.

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