WALDEN by Michael T. Dolan

by Michael T. Dolan.
136 pages, trade paperback.
ISBN 0-9779379-0-9

One eventful autumn day during his first semester at the University, young WALDEN finds himself grasping for an identity, turning his back on the parade of campus conformity, and fighting both his past and his future at the same time. Tucked into one day, you’ll find love and death, revolution and freedom, hope and enlightenment. And you’ll find the Who and the Stones, back before they were doing Hummer commercials, CSI theme songs, and Microsoft jingles. Oh, and you’ll also meet the frogs. Pick up a copy today . . . and join the revolution that is WALDEN.

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WALDEN Reviews:

“A Main Line Today Must. In his first novel, West Chester’s Michael T. Dolan cleverly conveys the college experience – especially those first hours when you’re bracing yourself for ‘the roommate.’ Satirical, tragic and poignant, the coming-of-age story of Walden XVI, a student struggling to find his identity, makes the perfect stocking stuffer for any college freshman.” – Main Line Today

Walden is a coming of age tale like none preceding it. Told with a wit, style and panache of a born satirist, Dolan offers a tale neatly rolled and bundled in a gestalt of life’s manifold sorrows and joys… Visit the world of Walden in this marvelous story served up by Michael Dolan. It is a visit you will not regret.” – Mad Hatters’ Review

WALDEN is a story about the seamier side of campus life, a life far removed from the smiling faces on the college brochures. Mike Dolan has crafted a powerful and evocative story, full of anger, frustration and misdirected emotion, about a young man caught up in the anonymous and soul-crushing world of the educational system. Should be required reading for all college freshmen.” – Iain Levison, author of A Working Stiff’s Manifesto

4 STARS! “Walden entertainingly explores how one student ignores the typical route of acceptance, and leads his own personal uprising against his university and family…Its pages are filled with action.” – Daily Orange

“Not only will college students identify with Walden, but readers of all ages will, too, as it communicates the universal struggle toward the individual… Dolan has created an ideal read for a diverse audience connected by this common search.” – Villanova Magazine

“…a young man’s coming of age… is told like none preceding it with a shocking ending that no one could have anticipated…Walden is an easy-read and truly enjoyable book. It is comedic, although the situations aren’t. The book’s emotions and themes are very relatable…” – The Daily Campus

“With a cynical personality that rivals Holden Caulfield, Walden destroys his father’s expectations… Is the pressure too much for Walden? … One thing is for sure: Walden surely isn’t passing on the family moniker.” – The Eastern Echo

“[Dolan’s] passion jumps out of the pages of his premiere novel, leaving the reader wanting more…Dolan’s skillful way of describing a typical college campus, “frat” guys and the awkward first roommates allows the message of the book to apply to any college or university student. It is a must-read for any current student or recent grad.” – The Villanovan

“If there was ever a story of a predetermined path with no thought of how the actual person would respond, Walden is it…Walden has more twists and turns than a roller coaster…” – The Chanticleer