"Bye-bye. Love you."

My four-year-old daughter learns much from her mother, not the least of which is her fondness for talking on the telephone. One night, with yellow play cell phone in hand, she practised calling 911. She thought of all the possibilities that I could play victim and made the emergency call for me. In her mind, 911 could solve all one’s problems, whatever they may be, not unlike a direct line to God.

Beep. Beep Beep.

“Hello, Doctor?”

There was a slight pause as she waited for the imaginary doctor to respond on the other end.

“Yes, Daddy hurt his foot.”

Another dramatic pause.

“Okay. Thanks much. Bye-bye. Love you.”

Assuring me the ambulance was en route, she played out another scenario.

Beep. Beep Beep.

“Hello. Yes, we’re stuck on the road. The van car is broken. We need a tow truck.”


“Thanks much. Bye-bye. Love you.”

The phone calls continued, each one ending with a quick “Bye-bye. Love you.”

I think she may be on to something. Imagine signing off all phone conversations in such a way.



“No, sorry. I do not have time for a survey and I am not interested in telling you for whom I plan to vote. Bye-bye. Love you.”

The telemarketer may laugh, yet isn’t that the point – to bring love into one’s life?

Lifting hearts, one phone call at a time.

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