Heaven on earth

If there is ground in heaven, I believe it must be covered with a thick layer of fallen pine needles.

If there is music in heaven, I believe it must be the wind brushing against the land as spirits travel through the sky.

If there is an aroma in heaven, I believe it must be the scent of a fire’s transformation of wood into ember.

And if heaven has a heaven, I believe the night sky must shine above it, stars shimmering from the past while the moon carries out its orbital dance.

Glancing up from the campfire, I look toward heaven.

And I find myself already there.


  1. This is a very interesting blog. I really liked the poem. Did you write that yourself? I found myself seeing as I read, especially ‘if heaven has a heaven’. I love astronomy and a clear moonlit night is a thing of beauty!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Carl. And yes, these postings are my words. Hope you’ll visit the blog again.

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