Days dot the year when I strive for rebirth. New Years Day. Ash Wednesday. My birthday. Easter. In the heart of each day I hear a voice calling for rebirth . . . a rebirth from harmful habits, to follow my dreams, to be a better person, friend, husband, father. Yet the day comes and goes and the old habits return, habituating a life of daily regret. It is a battle to renew, and why the sun rises each morn, giving us a new day to begin again. Excuses must be discarded, for we have no reason not to follow the hopeful path of renewal. To wallow in regret and fear of failure is timid. Tempting though it is, we must not let the past paralyze us. It is what we do now, not what we did then, that will determine what we will be in the future. So the sun rises, so do we also.

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