Trick or treat

My daughter wasn’t even two when she dressed up as a bumble bee for Halloween. As dusk fell we put the costume on and prepared her to “trick or treat” to the neighbor’s next door just so they could see her costume.

Before heading out, her Grandmother put some “treats” into the plastic orange pumpkin she was carrying.

Walking next door, this 36-inch bumble bee stood on my neighbor’s front porch and banged on the door.

When the neighbors enthusiastically greeted and welcomed her, she reached into her pumpkin, pulled out the treat Grandmom had given her, and gave it to our neighbors.

They howled in laughter.

Soon enough she’ll catch on to Halloween and the spirit of receiving. For now, however, she is content only to give. We could all stand to regain some of that unselfish innocence.

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