Witness to violence

The television was on in the background. My daughter awoke well past the time infants in other time zones have even gone to sleep. Playing on the floor, she looks to the TV screen just in time to see a violent act of bludgeoning on a crime drama. In a heartbeat her eyes bulge in fear and she runs to the embrace of her mother – confused, scared, fear in her eyes. I will never forget that look.

Teach me, child, to know only love, to shun the hatred we find in this world, cringing at violence and anger and longing for the safe and reassuring arms of an embrace.

Teach me to recognize that love still exists, that it is not an empty promise but real.

Teach me to cringe at the absence of love, to seek refuge in the arms of God, of those I love.

You are a reminder that love exists, that love protects, that love lives, and that love heals the scars of violence.

Teach me, child, to know only love.

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